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What is precast?

Precast concrete is a construction material that is cast in a controlled environment, cured, and then transported to its final installation site. This differs from traditional concrete, which is poured and cured on site. The advantages of precast concrete are numerous and include:

  • Increased precision in forming: Precast concrete forms are manufactured in a controlled environment, allowing for better assembly and greater accuracy in shape and dimension.
  • Reusable forms: Precast forms can be used multiple times, reducing costs and increasing efficiency.
  • Greater control over concrete pouring: Precast concrete is poured and vibrated in a controlled environment, resulting in a more accurate mix design and timing.
  • Improved curing process: Precast concrete is cured in a controlled temperature environment, resulting in better quality and increased durability of the final product.
  • However, a major disadvantage of precast concrete is transportation of the final product to the installation site, especially for larger and heavier precast pieces.

Overall, precast concrete is a versatile and reliable construction material that offers many benefits to construction projects.
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