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What is ICF?

Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) are stay-in-place forms that has large varieties of benefits over the traditional concrete forms. ICF Forms normally consist of two panels of Styrofoam(EPS) and connected together with plastic web.

Benefits of ICF

  • Insulating benefits

    The thermal insulating characteristics EPS makes the walls behave like a thermal barrier adding advantages for buildings and homes to retain heat more effectively. The two layers of foam in ICF walls give the wall an R40-50 insulation value each side is R23); it will reduce the cost of heat and cooling of the house significantly. Especially in the harsh climate of Canada ICF is a must to keep in mine. The ICF Foundation is a huge advantage for basements since the foundation walls are in direct contact with winter frozen soil.

    Advantages over wood

    ICF has a clear advantage over the wood walls since they are more durable over moisture. Especially in the basements the ICF foundation wall shows significant superiority over the traditional wood studs.

    Sound-proofing benefits

    The thick, multi-layer nature of ICF also behaves as a great sound barrier.

    Construction benefits

    ICF walls are efficient from the contractor’s perspective. Some say they’re as easy to assemble as Lego blocks, as they come in symmetrical shapes, with no left or right sides. They are also light and easy to handle. This allows for insulated concrete form projects to be completed in a quicker and more efficient manner than traditional construction projects. For customers who require a quick turnaround, or don’t want the inconveniences of a construction project that drags on, ICF structures are well worth the investment.


The only spoken by builders and developers disadvantage of the ICF is the cost of ICF itself. which consideting the huge benefits of the ICF in short, mid and long terms that is easily justifiable.

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